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Judgement Day

Get yourself ready

You might have seen a hellfire preacher on the street or have watched videos of them on your computer and you will notice that they are quick to say that you are going to hell if you do not listen to what they are saying, but they will mostly forget to tell you that they are not...Read more

Why are the young people leaving the Christian church in such numbers? - Because they know that it is fake

The impressionable ones

I have heard this fact mentioned many a time in sermons that I have watched and it seems as if no one can find a solution, but I am not surprised because it is simply that the young people are actually using their brains. If there is one thing you have to say about the heathens, then...Read more

Is the Fourth Kingdom, in the book of Daniel in the Bible, really the Roman Empire?

Get your metals right

It seems as if the majority of people, who say that they have studied the Bible, will all agree that the fourth kingdom, that the prophet Daniel talks about in chapters 2 and 7, is the Roman empire. I used to believe that this was the case as well, until I realised that this caused a...Read more