Some hadiths on beating women and slaves

Sahih Bukhari 8.68:
Narrated `Abdullah bin Zam`a: The Prophet forbade laughing at a person who passes wind, and said, "How does anyone of you beat his wife as he beats the stallion camel and then he may embrace (sleep with) her?" And Hisham said, "As he beats his slave"

The seven haruf

These two are related to conflicts in the recitation of the Quran.

Mr Violence classic.

Uthman burned the Quran

The third caliph, Uthman, solved this political problem by choosing one of these collections to be the standard version for the entire Muslim community. He had the other collections destroyed.

Muhammed did not collect the Quran

Chapter 5: Was the Qur’an collected into one book under Muhammad’s supervision?
No. The following hadith shows that before Muhammad died he had not collect the words of the Qur’an into one authorised book, nor had he commanded this to be done. It was his companions who decided to do this. They gathered together material from various sources and made their own collections.