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Jehovah's Witnesses Like the Cold

In this recording we are discussing about how the Jehovah's Witnesses seem to be eager to go out to hand out their booklets, with them also seeming to have quite a lot of people who are available to go out onto the streets. WHile other Christian churches seem to have a hard time in motivating their people to get up from their benches to help with spreading the Gospel. If the Gospel is supposed to be good news, then you would think that church people would be eager to speak about it to other people.

Giving Money to Beggars and Charities

In this recording we are discussing the reasons that are for and against the giving of money to beggars. When it comes to this subject you will find that there are some church people who are just 100% mean and will just come up with an excuse for not giving at all, while other church people will try to judge the situation and then give the money if they feel that it will help the person. Some churches will even give their money to charities, which makes no sense, because the Christian church is supposed to be the one main and biggest charity that is on this earth.

Church Pastor Criticised for Being Nice - Also Why Women Should Be Kept Silent in the Church

In this recording a church pastor gives a description of how he helped someone out my making a sacrifice that impinged on his home life and one of the female church members then criticeses him because of how much he trusted the person who he helped. The attitude that she had is typical for church people, where they will look for any excuse to be mean, with them getting a lot of opportunities to do this in this life, because of how bad things are getting.