Are the Real Israelites in the Land of Israel at This Time?

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I have asked this question to some modern Christians and they will usually try to say yes, with some of them even coming up with an excuse about the Israelites being blinded. Thy get this excuse from combining various Bible verses, but you will not find a whole chapter that agrees with what they are saying. The prophecies in the Old Testament go into quite a bit of detail about how the real children of Israel will be returned to the land, along with how they will be behaving as well. To get around the details of these prophecies, the modern Christians will make up some excuses like the prophecies are gradually being fulfilled, or they will say that there has been a partial restoration. These excuses are not in the Bible, so it is obvious that they are making things up, which then allows the fake Christian church to keep its stranglehold on the interpretation of the Bible, so that church people can keep on serving the Devils people, while thinking that God is just there to help them to get a good job, so that they can buy a house, a car and go on holidays.