Are we getting the correct information about the Mark of the Beast?

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When it comes to the Mark of the Beast, there is a lot of random information going around, almost as if this is done on purpose, so that people will stay confused and not then take it seriously. Most people seem to be convinced that it is a chip, because they have been watching television too much, but the Bible says that it is a mark, so I am stubbornly just going to believe what God has said. Because God will have allowed the beast his one chance to give mankind this final test, there will be no escaping from it, unless you have already completely switched over to God's side before this day of temptation arrives. Don't also think that it might not be happening in your time, because you will still have the task of teaching the children and young people about this mark, in order that the future generations can also be prepared for it. Get in touch if you are interested in a deeper study of the purpose of the mark and who the Beast is.