Should the scattered Israelites still keep the laws of God, which includes the Sabbath day?

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You will hear the majority of fake Christians say that God's laws have been done away with, but this is mostly because they do not want to be under God's laws, so that their soul will not be converted. They are not saying this because they are trying to help you, but it is because they seem to have more comfort when other people are believing the same lie as well. God makes it plain that He expects the children of Israel to obey His voice according to all that He commanded through Moses, before He will return and gather them back into the land of Israel. If the fake Christian church can then keep the real Israelites from obeying God, then this might then mean that they will never return back to the land, which would then mean that the modern Christian church will never be exposed as being fake, before Christ makes His return. If you want to help with getting out the good news (gospel) of the return of the Israelites, then get in touch so that we can get the word out to the people who are willing to hear.