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It looks as if the time of fake Christian church is about to come, because God seems to be sending in His Bible studying warriors to strip the young and 1980's born people from it, by giving them an alternative to the current entertainment led churches that we have. The stubborn old people of course think that God must be with them, because they are comfortable and cosy, but I have a feeling that the younger people can tell when the ship is starting to go down, so they probably realise that there are not enough life boats for everyone, so they had better get into them now while they still can. I have heard the GOCC boasting that they had converted a whole church, so it was interesting to hear someone else confirming that they are actually managing to do some damage to the fake ones. GOCC in England are certainly making some good progress and I am sure that a lot of the people, that I saw packed into that hall, were from the fake church. I know that some of GOCC's doctrines do not make any sense, but I can only presume that they have a lot of people like the Apostle Paul in there, who are being prepared for when God is ready to make His next move. If you are still in one of these fake Christian churches then you can look forward to the day when these warriors arrive.