Why was Jesus only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel?

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The Gentiles have taken over the Gospel and are now going about spreading their tame version of it, so that they can still serve the idols that they want to, while still saying that they are serving God. At no time did God ever say that He would allow the Gentiles to take over, but they now have the advantage because the real children of Israel are still in captivity. Jesus' job was to fulfil the prophecies of the Old Testament, so there was no way that He could cosy up to the Gentiles, because this would be against what was prophesied. It is the job of the real Israelites to spread the real Gospel to the Gentiles, so we are going to have to wait for their return, before the real stuff becomes popular. Get in touch for a Bible study on this subject, if you are not tied down by the weeds and the thorns.

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