Is your church being run by a vampire pastor

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Just another entertainment Sunday

Sometimes it makes me wonder if the majority of Christian churches are just full of crazy people, because I seem to be having a hard time finding a church that has lots of young men in it, women who are modest and shamefaced and men who are like warriors. I decided to visit a church that was near where I live in Norbury South West London and their Sunday service turned out to just be a night club that operates during the day, with the added bonus that the people of the flesh do not have to pay an entrance fee. Throughout the whole service I cannot remember them reading more than ten Bible verses, with the rest of the time being taken up by the entertainment that was provided. The place was mostly packed with younger women, along with some men scattered here and there, which is usually a bad sign, because Eve was the one who was deceived in the garden, so when a place has a majority of women in it, you can usually know what to expect when it is time for the pastor to use some of his spiritual power on them. The pastor did not preach that day, so I did not get to hear any of his techniques, but there were a load of women going up to the stage who were making statements about how they were a good mother, because conveniently enough, it was the pagan festival called mothers day that day, so as per usual the Sunday churches like to encourage their people to do things like the heathen.

Self serving Christians

I had to sit there for a whole two hours while the pagan festivites were enacted and there were hardly any scriptures read, but they did read a few verses from one chapter of the Bible, thou they were just using it to justify some of what they were doing. There was plenty of music, but I was a bit surprised by the fact that not everyone was dancing or moving to it, which might indicate that not everyone is as brainwashed by it as first thought. There were also what seemed to be some short sermons from some of the women and then the festivities were over. At the end I slowly made my way out and noticed that no-one seemed to make any attempt to greet me, which seems to be a common thing in the modern Christian church, because it is almost as if each person goes to church in order to get their own personal salvation, with them then chosing a church that they like according to their personal judgement. I decided to try talking to a man that seemed to be communicative, but he turned out to be another run away Christian, who just tried to pass me onto someone else. As expected there were only a few teenagers there, with a moderate amount of men, but the women were in the majority, which then means that the proceedings have to be optimised in order to get their money.

Another Bible study of doom

I then decided to go back to their Wednesday night Bible study in order to see if I would have a better chance of speaking to someone, but this turned out to be a pagan fest as well, even though things were a lot quieter. When I arrived they were having a singing session, with them making the usual hand gestures as if they were worshipping, but it was hard to work out which god their worship was directed at. I have to admit that when I saw the makeup of the people who were their, I did not feel that there was going to be any serious studyig of the Bible, because there were mostly women there again, with the few men sitting at the back, which was a bit surprising because it is usually the men from a church who will be interested in any kind of serious Bible study. Now I know that what I am saying sounds a bit sexist, but whenever I have been sitting at lunchtime at some churches and have been talking with some men with our Bibles out, I do not remember any women getting their Bibles out and joining us, they would just usually carry on chatting about whatever, while also doing a good job of ignoring our discussion. This is why I was a bit skeptical when I saw so many women turning up and I eventually found out what seems to be the reason why they were attracted to that meeting. Things started out at a sedate pace and it turned out that this Bible study was about the Levitical priesthood and he was reading from the book of Leviticus, which was a surprise, because you would think that Sunday church pastors would stay away from the Old Testament. The Bible study continued with him bringing out some basic facts about the clothes that the priests did wear, but you could tell that he was getting most of his words from straight out of his head, with hardly any Bible verses being used. As the study went on he was beginning to get more animated and by the end of it he was into the usual entertainment preacher diatrabe, with the faithful women of course responding with the usual noise that you could tell that they liked making.

The vampire strikes

The so called Bible study just ended up being like a mini Sunday service and it finally ended with the pastor showing his vampire self at the end, when the time came for him to collect the offering. When the people were giving their money, it looked to me as if there were some people who were prepared for this moment, because they were quick to get out their envelopes as if this was a standard routine for them. Even though it did not seem as if the regulars needed any oersuading, the pastor still seemed to go into a mode where he made it seem as if you are wicked, if you did not dig deep and hand over the readies. His money begging sermon even seemed to go on for a little while and it almost sounded as if this was the most important part of the service for him, but I would say that it was ironic that he decided to have a Bible study regarding the Levitical priesthood, who were the only ones who could take the tithe that Israel gave, while these pastors now think that it is ok for them to break that rule. The pastor then eventually finished his mini money extraction sermon and the usual last prayer was said, then the service was finally over. When I looked around and saw the usual brainwashed looks on the faces, I decided to make my escape as quickly as I could, with only one person attempting to greet me. There was one interesting thing about this greeting and that was that it was from someone who had a different skin colour from the vast majority of the few people that were there, which does go to show that skin colour still does have a bearing on some of the things that are happening in these churches.

It's time to shine some sunlight onto these vampires

I went to this church because it was the nearest one that was within walking distance of my house, but I could imagine that there are a lot of other churches where similar things are happening. One thing that I find amazing about this current situation, is that so many people seem to believe that they are serving God by going to these churches, without God even having to provide any feedback to say whether they are doing the right or wrong thing. The majority of church people seem to have made up how to serve God in their heads and it seems as if they do not care what God thinks, as long as they get to live a comfortable life that allows them to serve their idols. It is almost as if they think that God now agrees with whatever random things that they think about Him in their minds, because He is allowing them to have so much fun, while there are a lot of other people in this earth who are having to live a life of hardship, with no hope of help from this current church system. Personally I think that we need some people to stand up and go against these vampire pastors, because they do not help with the spreading of God's word and even seem to be quite a hinderance, because people will sometimes even believe that God agrees with the rubbish that they are speaking. I you want to join me in the fight against these pators then get in touch so that we can get something going, before the time of the end arrives with its famines, pestilances and earthquakes.